My hair is pretty short as I am growing into CG from a short straight bob with bangs.

I trimmed a little myself ( while I was under the influence of painkillers right after I got out of the hospital) but I will have my first real haircut on the 31.

My stylist has been my BF/frenemy (it happens) for 25 years and she hates my hair unstraightened, but I told her I am committed to CG so it will be very interesting indeed.

She is a fantastic hair cutter and I know she can cut curly hair.
But I am in all new territory now and still terribly excited.

I can't wait till tomorrow to do my hair again.
I wish I could get my DH to do it.
He is a real frizzball and has always been.

But I love him anyway.

I told him how much better it is for his scalp and slowing hair loss.
That's what men worry about!

Still, what will I try tomorrow???