Uhhhhh..isn't Camille Rose the product line that less than a year ago was growing mold? There was never a preservative listed either. I think more seasoned lines should be the ones in Target like.....Qhemet, Darcys, Curl Junkie etc... ones that have enough experience where they know how to consistently preserve their items and produce a consistent product. They put in the hard work and time and were responsive to their customers and followed FDA guidelines to boot. I have always felt that Camille Rose was ...."rushed"....I guess is the proper word. Items were being shipped molded and the owner wasn't following labeling laws or good manufacturing processes due, to what could only be, inexperience........its kinda...mehhhh tha this line is given the slot to be in target despite all of that crap JUST last summer where as some of the more well known lines that did what they were supposed to do are not.