This is a wonderful topic. We should keep bumping this.

I have dealt with this all my life as well. My mom relaxed my hair at a very young age and it had always been healthy and long. I always got the "you have white girl hair" comment, but I just ignored it. It wasn't until I got to college (a black college) and had to deal with people saying I thought I was "all that" and "her hair is a wig"...that I decided to cut it off. My hair was past the middle of my back (past my bra) and I went and got a fierce bob cut up to my ears. It was cute, still relaxed, and wouldn't you know it...I STILL GOT THE SAME DAMN COMMENTS!!!

During my transition, no one believed that I was growing out my perm because my pressed hair looked just like the relaxed hair. I then received comments such as, "There is no way a black girl's pressed hair can straighten like that without chemicals..." Then...I was labled as being Dominican. I don't know where that came from.

I finally got all the relaxed ends cut off a few weeks ago and I went curly to work and every where else. I'm still being asked the same questions. If my hair is long and straight, it's white girl hair. If it's short and straight with's still white girl hair. If it's natural...I'm mixed or Dominican. I've simply accepted the fact that some people are inquisitive and others are just plain ingnorant. No matter how much I try to alter my hair, I will continue to get same freakin' comments and questions. :-)

LOVE YOUR HAIR AND WHO YOU ARE LADIES!!! Some people will never accept that we as people are different.
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THIS HAS BEEN SOOOO HELPFUL! I did the same thing in going natural, that is cutting off the majority and letting the rest grow out but continuing to cut off the relaxed hairs periodically. All I've found about growing out hair and going natural is that you have to do the "big chop" I haven't found a single person who did the same process as me! NOW THAT I'VE FOUND YOU I can rest assureddddddd.

I was starting to lose my faith in my hair because in the summer my hair had so much luster and moisture and it was soo silky without me having to do much at all. As summer transitioned into winter I was in the hospital and couldn't straighten my hair and was left with it curly. When I got out it was very frizzy and when I straightened it, it was like a poof ball!!! I've spent this WHOLEEE winter trying to figure out why my hair hates me! My hair grew out of the relaxed hair in about a year maybe a little more, so I hadn't dealt with a winter of full natural hair and so I wasn't aware that you have to heavily moisturize in the winter!

I JUST figured that out today after doing some digging and searching through my African American sisters online! I'm going to apply what I've learned today and I'll check back in if I rememberrrr. THANK YOU SO MUCH LADIES!