Yesterday was a lot of fun! We met and we're the same height but he's 5 years older than I am, white French, with 2 Master degrees in cryptology and physics(Ph.d in progress), reserved, and completely different from my preferences in men. We had tea and cakes, and stayed so long just talking that the waiter gave us our bill before we asked for it(which is a french faux pas). We're going out for dinner next week Friday and I'm actually looking forward to it and getting to know him more. He actually agrees with my analysis that Batman can defeat Superman

But I am NOT ready for a relationship at all. I'm still in love with my ex, and I'm still deeply hurt and damaged by everything he has done to me. Because of our recent contact I'm looking for him to communicate with me and I still think of him and the other girl, and that it hurts because he didn't want me. I've made progress in the last few weeks, but it's not enough. It wouldn't be fair to me or anyone in the future if I'm carrying the baggage of his betrayal. In the meantime I'm happy just meeting new people and opening myself up to something new.
3c/4aish, high porosity, fine strands,medium density cottony curls.

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I'm not obsessed: I just LOVE my hair!!