I am totally loving this mousse as well. I have fine, wavy hair, and nothing has gotten me the curls that this $3 mousse has!! I tried all the expensive products and wow, I am so impressed with this mousse.

This morning I only used the mousse and it's great.

I scrunch out excess water with a microfiber towel and then apply about 3 egg-sized dollops of mousse, one each to the left side of my head, back and then right side. Then I scrunch it all over. After that I pixie diffuse on low/warm for 1 minute each on 4 sections of my head (front left, back left, back right, front right) and for about a minute more holding it over my roots. Air dry the rest of the way and it's super curly!

Note I do get extremely crunchy from this, but it can all be scrunched out! I just find I have to SOTC more than with other products.

It seems to hold, and yesterday I was running around on a cold, windy day and it was fine. This product is great!
2b, Fine, Low-Normal Porosity, Medium Density