I have been CG almost a year, and about a week ago I started using this conditioner with a 'cone. I am quite happy with the results, but wanted to hear from any other curlies who use this product. How are you using it, and what was your experience with buildup, moisture, and the like. I was reading a recent thread by Myrna on the 'cone controversy and I am starting to believe that the "evils" of 'cones are worth it if I can have a less complicated curly routine. I was so tired of washing, plopping, clipping, drying, scrunching and worrying every single day. Yes, I had good results. Even great results. But it was a time consuming process to take on every morning. My one 'cone product gives me several days of great hair, and more flexibility. And it is ridiculously cheap. What do you guys think????
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When I was using this, it was great. Not a lot of buildup too fast, moisture was awesome. Only reason I stopped using it is because I wanted to stop shampooing.