How'd you end up liking the mousse? It's my absolute favorite product
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Call the CG police - DIMETHICONE IS IN MY HAIR RIGHT NOW!! I rinsed out my DT, put in my LI, raked in the mousse, then scrunched in KCCC. The mousse felt very silky going in, much like the CG mousse I tried (Pantene Silky Moisture Whip). I plopped, pixie-diffused my waiver parts, and now it's clipped and air drying. My hair looks curlier, but that could also be attributed to the DT. I still have the normal amount of canopy frizz (not a ton, just a few hairs that insist on doing their own thing), so the real tests for me will be a) how does it look/feel when totally dry, b) how does it hold up through the day, and c) can I go two more days without washing and not have my hair feel or look gross. Stay tuned, I will update!
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