ok, I have fine, thinner wavy hair (2b?).

the underneath layer seems to be pretty striaght, but maybe that is b/c it is still shorter (only 4in or so??).

My goal was to grow my hair out long. It has been short (pixie cut) for almost 10yrs. My hair is currently past my chin and slightly layered. I am wondering though if I am starting to get "Triangle head".

What do you think?? do I need to get it layered more?? is the shape bad? Leave it alone and let it keep growing??

I dont even know if I will LIKE longer hair, it has been so long since I have had it. I keep seeing all these CUTE shorter/middie wavy cuts and wonder if I should give up the dream of long hair. But then I see these CUTE updos that you just cant do w/ shorter hair.

What do you think? I am including a picture. My hair can get rather big at times. I tend to have REALLY good volume if I break up the clumps. My hair is currently bigger than this picture from this morning b/c I have been cleaning house all day. This is about as bad as my frizz gets...that isnt usually much of a problem.

If you think a different cut would look better than what I have, pics would be GREAT!!!
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Currently dealing with learning how to style shorter wavy hair...

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