I LOVE Nupur henna! It's the only strengthening treatment I use on my protein-sensitive hair. It's much more moisturizing than regular henna. It colors hair as well, but since my hair is so dark I don't know if it colors as richly as pure henna on its lonesome.

Yes, you can add hibiscus, rose hips, rooibos, or any other reddish hued tea to intensify the color, however if your hair is very dark you may only end up with highlights in the sun. You can try doing multiple treatments about two weeks apart from one another to intensify the color.
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I am quoting her because she made most of my points already. I use nupur only. Unless the vendor doesnt have any, and I get jamila. Jamila has a more intense dye release, but that's because it is just henna. Nupur is shikaki, amla, methi, neem, etc. Everything that is good. No chemical. On top of it the henna is Rajasthani. It's my perfect blend. I love it. I get the biggest pack available and it keeps well in the freezer. I love nupur. If you have hair that is very dry after henna try nupur. Like anonymous said it is great for protein sensitive.