Scrills, you said you "might" be allergic to sulfites. Can you get tested at an allergist before you have to go on the world's worst diet?

Also, is there some way you could overcome this allergy, if it turns out that you are allergic - having the allergist treat it some way? Like people who handle snakes become immune to snake venom by having tiny amounts injected over time.

I feel badly for you!
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Turns out, it's really hard to test for chemical allergies. Allergist tests your reactions to things found in nature (food, tree, pollen) but for chemical allergist, the test is to sit in the doctor's office and consume more and more of what you are allergic to while they monitor your reaction. Fun.

The doc said that I will basically have to read labels for the rest of my life and avoid foods with high levels of sulfites. Different foods have more per serving. Some brands have "no added sulfites" but will still have smaller amounts of "naturally occurring" sulfites.

Right now, he had me on meds to reduce the swelling in my throat. I never want to stop taking this stuff. I feel so much better.

Sounds like I will be experimenting with bottling my own sauces :-)

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