Brushing curly hair can often make it frizzy, fluffy, and unkempt looking. I remember when I was younger my mom's family would tell me to brush my hair, then they wouldn't believe that I had because It would make my hair worse and more tangled looking. I think your daughter probably has curlier than 2a hair. You're just brushing her pattern out. Most curly haired people don't brush their hair when it's dry. I don't brush my hair in the mornings. I only detangle it when it has water and conditioner in it in the shower. You could trying getting her a satin pillow case to prevent tangles at night, then dampen the hair with water in the mornings to get any night weirdness to calm down.

I wouldn't agree with advice to shampoo her hair every day. That can be super stripping and drying, which would make it tangle more. I would only wash it once or twice a week, then condition it every time you bath her. I have fine hair, and I don't wash daily. If you want to detangle it later on, you can try putting water and conditioner in a spray bottle, then spray that on a knot and gently pulling the knot apart. Also, use her regular conditioner as a leave in. Just, take a squirt of it and run it through her hair after a shower. That will help prevent tangles. Most curly hair needs conditioner, so don't try cutting that out. I know you mention that you don't want it to be weighed down, but a little weight will actually help it be easier to manage and make it calmer looking. You have to realize, though, that her hair is curly. Brushing it won't make it straight, and might just be counterproductive because it's messing up what her hair naturally wants to do. Straight hair just wants to flow down, like a brush stroke. Curly hair wants to groove around, and make a pattern.

ETA: Sometimes curly hair looks better when it's longer, so when she's older and able to grown it out more then curl pattern will show up better (instead of being one flip, it will be three distinct waves that go up and down).
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