I've given in to that temptation, especially when I'm sick. Last October I was battling a cold for 2 weeks and one day stupidly left the house with still-damp hair. It wasn't even wet, just barely damp. I didn't make it far before deciding to go home and rest (instead of going to work), and that night I flat ironed my hair so it would be dry and easy to deal with the next day when I went to the office.

Even if I diffuse, my hair and roots still give me a chill when my hair hits the cold air, and I live in San Francisco where it doesn't get nearly as cold as some areas of the country.

This fall and winter season I've taken to doing my hair at night, letting it dry all the way (or at least 95%) and then either pinneappling or putting it in a satin bonnet to sleep. The next day it still looks pretty good, but more importantly to me it's dry.

I'd say straightening it frequently in the winter is bound to cause damage, especially since the air is already dry in most places.
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Oh my goodness, yes, my hair gets so dry in the Bay Area. You'd think it wouldn't be because there's probably more moisture in the air than in Socal. But those biting winds, I shiver just thinking about them. My friend is actually moving there and she couldn't understand what was happening to her poor hair. I'll probably have to send her an email about sealing and deep treating later.

Straightening frequently in cold weather is bound to make the hair dry and brittle, I'm sure. But once in a while isn't so big a deal. I plan to limit my straightening excursions to a maximum of once every three months from now on. At least until I can get my porosity and elasticity in check. (I'm so hoping I can improve them.)
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