My hair is naturally curly. I've been wanting to grow it out for some time now but I need help choosing proper products. I'm a bit confused because yes my hair is curly but it's also naturally thin and fine (do they mean the same thing?) . Some articles read to avoid oils or avoid shampooing to just no poo others say oils are a must for curly hair. There was a post I read that for fine hair it's a must for shampooing because the scalp oils quicker than normal. So I'm a bit confused and honestly don't want to become a product junkie. Right now, I'm using kinky curly to shampoo and this conditioner from living proof that has protein in it. Out of the shower I put in the kinky curly leave in and this other leave in my hair stylist gave me. My hair looks good but I haven't seen much growth. Should I change something out? Add something else. Prepoo? No poo? I also take a hell of a a lot of vitamins; biotin, msm, b-complex, horsetail etc. I would greatly appreciate any input from anyone thank you!