I actually used to wonder if that was the normal thing.
Along with women having matching underwear all the time.
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ain't nobody got time to be turning on a faucet and moving your arm so your toothbrush goes under it, who has time for that???

I finally got matching underwear and bralette yesterday! I was doing my monthly free panty spree at VS ( get free on free on free...I'm like the extreme couponer of VS) and the lady matched mine for me.

When I have a boo I can show it off, and I'll be like "look I have matching unders!!"

and he'll be like


and then we'll break up, and I'll be forever alone again, eating my feels.

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Free? Spill it, lady

I just buy all black (not that I have much of a choice). I have a couple nude, but matching isn't really a problem