I'm replying "No" from experience. I got tired of my curly hair. I wanted something different. I also made a big mistake. ONE PERSON told me I looked younger and my hair looked nicer when it was straight. I took one compliment and one moment of weakness to go from occasionally flat ironing to going all the way and doing a relaxer. Now, I will admit I did an at home relaxer. The results were fine. Not spectacular just fine. Did it allow me to stop flat ironing my hair? No! It maybe made it a bit easier but I did not achieve super sleek hair by any means. Let's face it, when your hair is damaged, you can't expect to do more damage, and the results to be good.

Still, I didn't regret doing it. Not right away. I enjoyed getting up in the morning and having straight hair. I ran my fingers through the strands and didn't have to deal with knots and tangles. Every morning though I had to flat iron to touch up. Stylists assured me that one solid flat ironing session would be enough to seal the hair...wrong! So here I am every day STILL flat ironing my hair after having a relaxer. After doing this for a few months I noticed that even when I got a haircut within 2 weeks my ends were fragile looking and dry. I started applying all kinds of products to the ends trying to minimize the damage. Eventually I didn't even care about the damage I just wanted my hair to look nice again!

About 6 mths ago I went to get my haircut and the girl who did my hair had long straight hair. The back was really kind of flyaway though and honestly didn't look so good (like she went for beachy and missed the mark completely...sorry I know that sounds rude) Anyway it was just so dry and lifeless and when we started discussing hair straightening she mentioned how frequently she ironed her hair. Everyday. Sometimes a few times a day for touch ups. I began to wonder if she even realized in her quest for straightness how bad it was actually looking??? Again, I'm not trying to be rude honestly! This was just the moment that I realized maybe I looked the same! I could see my ends for sure, maybe the back was a wreck too and I wouldn't even know! She cut my hair, did a flat iron, and it looked fine coming out of the salon. The current damage had been cut off, but it was the same boring look.

I never looked back from there. I went home, washed my hair, and let it air dry. The next day for work I worked with it a little trying to encourage the curl. I wasn't very successful but even so I had several people approach me and gush over my hair! Even on my worst day they were complimenting me on how nice it looked! From there I've been babying my hair back to life.

It's been a struggle. The damage from the relaxer is still there. I went from a strong curl pattern to a loose wave. My hair also doesn't respond to products as well as it used to. It's a process but I'm loving my curls again.

I think the whole point of my long post is just to say....don't make a permanent decision on a temporary whim.