Hey 2's!

I am now a month into CG. I have to say I am loving the results, so far! I am slowly finding the right combos of products, a routine, and getting to know what my hair does and doesn't like. My curls are more defined, soft, and healthy. I am ecstatic to find that I can stretch 2-3 days between washes...something I would never even attempted a month ago due to excessive greasiness. My only problem is 2nd day hair. It always seems frizzy, and the the curls separated. Sometimes they even go flat. I know it won't look like the first day, but I see a lot of girls love their 2nd day hair...and I want to, too!

For some background info I will give a brief synopsis of my daily routine:
I alternate co-wash and cleansing the scalp (every 2-3 days) followed by conditioner that I rinse completely out. I scrunch out as much water as possible, then apply the SheaM curl smoothie, and scrunch again with my cotton towel, then scrunch in some gel. I either let that dry or zap it quickly with a diffuser. Sometimes I clip at my roots, although I am still experimenting with that technique.

Before bed, I apply a dry shampoo to my root line/part and then pineapple. In the AM is where I get lost. I've tried spritzing with just water, water+co, water+gel, I have tried several "refreasher" sprays...and a several combos of all the above...nothing seems to hold, and often leaves my hair feeling dry and coarse (1st day its soft and shiny)

Does any one out there have any tips, or products to try??? Any help would be very appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!
Hair Type: 2c3a/F-M/ii low porosity
CG newbie 12/2012!
Current products (and continuing to search):
-Cleanser- CurlySexyHair Curl Defining Shampoo (sulfate-free)
-RO/Cowash-SheaM Restorative Conditioner
-LI/enhancer- SheaM Curl Enhancing Smoothie
-Gel- LA sport
-2nd day- Lush R&B for frizz