I'm a 2cish. After quite a few months I found I could not pineapple. My hair would come out tangled and dull looking. I think the delicate nature of our curls maybe can't handle being pulled up like that? I tried method after method and all failed for me. Anyway, I invested in a silk pillowcase and started sleeping with my hair down! Couldn't imagine this would work for me! Now I get up in the morning. Take a spritz bottle of water and gently mist the underside of my hair and start detangling there. I put a little KCCC on my fingertips and gently detangle. I only detangle the top if absolutely necessary. I spritz it first and again apply a bit of the KCCC (I make my palms flat and coat the hair. I try not to rake too much as it just pulls the curl out and causes more separation). KCCC adds a lot of shine to my hair. I also try not to judge my hair by how it looks when I initially spritz it and manipulate it. As it dries the hair springs up a bit so if it looks flat don't be tempted to touch it! Just try to let it be and do it's magic! Overtouching my hair is a big no no!

I haven't used a dry shampoo since I went back to CG. Not sure if this impacts anything? Since you only do a root application I'd think not.