I also have fine, thin hair. Some people will say they have fine hair but alot of it. So, I see it as two different things. I have fine hair but I also don't have much hair - so thin.
I would say if your products and shampoo/condish are working for you, I wouldn't change anything. Don't fix what isn't broke. If you're getting good curl formation and no frizz and you like how it looks then I wouldn't change. As far as growth, I don't have an answer because mine will also only grow so long and then it just stops. When I was a kid, I had waist length hair so I don't get it. Maybe someone else will chime in here. I would also like to grow some length IF it doesn't start looking stringy.
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Thanks for replying
Same here. My hair was a lot fuller when I was younger. Always fine but a lot of it! To the point that when I got it straighten it would immediately start curling back up. My routine is good when it comes to how my curls turn out. They're very shiny, bouncy and curly. I just get a bit overwhelmed when reading articles about my hair. As of right now I'm doing a protein treatment and I honestly don't know how many times a week/month I should be doing protein treatments for my hair type o_o
I'm a bit clueless/ don't have the time to test different theories. But I kind of have to for it to grow.