Two acquaintances have gotten married within the past month. Even though I'm not a huge fan of the institution, I'm still a little bothered by it and am resigned to be forever alone.
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My sympathies, LadyV. I know exactly how you feel.
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It's hard to put it into words. Most of the time, I don't mind being single. I actually prefer it. My personality alone probably isn't suitable for a lot of the kinds of intimate relationships that people tend to have because I while I am sociable, I also really relish some time alone. I felt stifled in a lot of relationships in the past because the men as well as I felt that to be successful, we had to be joined at the hip at all times. It took me a long time to realize that I can't function that way. I need the freedom to be independent in a relationship and a lot of people feel threatened by that. Yet, seeing two acquaintances on Facebook get married within weeks of each other is starting to make me question my convictions and if there really is something wrong with me after all. Or even if I've fully accepted my singleness. I've long been prepared to spend the rest of my life alone. To have it confirmed by others is not a great pill to swallow.
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