I never thought of not pineapple-ing! I do notice it really pulls the curl out of my underlayer, which makes my layers look a little funky. I need to find a good satin or silk pillow case, the one I have is cheap-o and feels just as coarse as a cotton one, maybe that's an issue too?

I have tried going without the dry shampoo, and I just find that it keeps the oil tamed a bit longer, and then I can maybe sneak an extra day between washes. Pre-CG my hair/scalp was super oily...like, couldn't go a day without washing it...really bad. I have found this new routine to balance out my oil production, the dry shampoo just adds some insurance.

And I am really bad at touching my hair, but I am getting better! I find especially on 2nd day, I keep touching it, trying to decrease the frizz, or retouch a curl to make it lay right which always ends up backfiring! I need to just let it be!!

Thanks for your input and I will try the things you mentioned!!
Hair Type: 2c3a/F-M/ii low porosity
CG newbie 12/2012!
Current products (and continuing to search):
-Cleanser- CurlySexyHair Curl Defining Shampoo (sulfate-free)
-RO/Cowash-SheaM Restorative Conditioner
-LI/enhancer- SheaM Curl Enhancing Smoothie
-Gel- LA sport
-2nd day- Lush R&B for frizz