I've been doing the no poo method for several months now, and am noticing a lot of product buildup and sometimes an itchy scalp. Whenever I rub my fingernails on my scalp, I get a lot of gunky product coming off under my fingernails (whether my hair is wet or dry). I've been using Suave Naturals conditioner for co-wash, Sally's Beauty Generic Value Products Conditioning Balm (and leave a decent amount in as a leave-in conditioner) and then LA Looks Sport Gel. Once a week I use the Giovanni Tea Tree Shampoo. I've used a brown sugar scrub (brown sugar mixed with Suave conditioner) to try to remove buildup and I've also tried the baking soda recipe in the Curly Girl book, but it left my skin with a really odd residue.

Does anybody have any suggestions for me to get rid of all this product buildup? It is really grossing me out and I don't know how to get rid of it! Should I switch products out and just try something different?