I haven't shampooed my hair since Tuesday and and I can't believe how well co washing is working! I thought since my hair is 2a type I would have to low poo more but I'm pleasantly surprised. My hair has never felt so soft, I love it. I hope it continues to work for me, fingers crossed. Oh and I've been co washing everyday, is that ok?
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My first week I cowashed everyday. Then the following I started doing second day hair so I cowashed every other day. Cowash as much as you like. If you ever need to clarify you can do it once every two weeks or once a month or just whenever you feel a little too producty or over conditioned. Or you can low poo every so often with a sulfate free gentle cleanser like moi. For the record I didn't feel the need to clarify myself until 7 weeks in. And when I did do it without pre pooing first (pre pooing if you don't know is when you slather your hair with oil and conditioner to protect it from being stripped maybe an hour before you wash) my hair got dry, but I did a deep treatment with olive oil and it got soft and luscious again! Good luck. I've never had such great hair as I've had with CG. It's awesome!
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