I'm of the opinion that change is good and everyone should try out various styles and lengths. Even if you think you can't pull it off, you can! It's all a matter of how you frame the face. greytmommy, you would look really good with chunky, piecy, side or even blunt bangs. They'd help frame your eyes so both the pictures you threw up are very nice and styles you could try while growing it out. You look great in a pixie cut, but I could see you rocking long hair just as easily. Don't worry about your neck. You can always put your hair up! I do this to show off my neck, too, because I agree it has a slimming or in my case, a lengthening effect that makes me look taller for some reason, but that doesn't mean it doesn't look good down too. Down is fun, carefree and vivacious. I believe once your hair gets past your shoulders and starts waving out it's going to look very pretty and romantic. And you'll have so much fun experimenting with styles and cuts and reshaping along the way!
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Sealers: Jojoba* or Grapeseed* oil

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