So I had a coupon and ended up buying a new silicone conditioner (new Redken Curvaceous line- also bought the low-poo, which does appear to be CG). Only cone is a-cone because I'm willing to give that one another chance (I refuse to try dimethicone in a conditioner again because those were the two conditioners that convinced me I couldn't use cones in conditioners). Tried the combo yesterday (with some additional cones in the styling products because I also bought the new PM Curls LI treatment to use with their Twirl Around curl definer after hearing rave reviews about the combo from a woman I know from the do jang). My hair felt soft yesterday- definitely need to add gel next time because I lost some definition, but it was the nicest my hair has ever felt with the Twirl Around. I don't do second day hair, so I decided to give things a break with some CG products for today, but will definitely do more experimenting.

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