Oh Gawd yes.

My tom is very laid back. If and when I happen to offend him his eyes get huge, he gives me a look of total shock and dismay (why you do that?) and runs.

His sister is hell on wheels, but thats why I love her. She is offended by his existence and sometimes mine. She stomps around, huffs and puffs, growls, hisses, screeches... All that good stuff. If I give her the wrong food or stop petting her too soon, she lets me know about it. When she is really mad she threatens to slap me. That doesn't go over well. Lol. She is a fuzzy toddler.

I can't stand it when their feelings are actually hurt or they are upset, though. They will have nothing to do with me for 2 weeks after a move.

Now my moms cat, which is my cats sister, takes the cake. She will rub up against your legs, look up at you lovingly, and hiss. She has some wires crossed, but she is hysterical.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??