I am intrigued by this product again… I had set it aside since the last time I used it (and got the "greasy hay" hair), but this Saturday I had nowhere to go and decided to try again. I only used the tiniest bit at a time, basically just enough to make a light coating on the palms of my hands, and then scrunched into soaking wet hair. My guess is I used about a nickel total (my hair is short, above shoulder-length). Plopped for ten minutes or so, then diffused to about 70% dry. Holy curls!! Like big, almost 3a ringlets on my normally 2b/2c hair. And in really low dews!! I was also impressed because I then proceeded to watch TV and rest my head on the couch for a couple of hours, which usually makes the back of my head totally flat… but not this time! Still had really defined curls.

My hair didn't get the dry/tangly/greasy feel that happened last time, so I think the key is just using much, much less than I do for some other products. It also didn't increase my drying time at all.

I got really excited and picked up some of the coconut & hibiscus shine and hold mist to use with it, because my only complaint is my hair was a little dull. This morning I did the same thing--scrunched in the tiniest bit of the souffle on soaking wet hair, plopped 10 minutes, then diffused. At 50% dry, I sprayed in some of the mist, and then diffused to about 80% dry. !!!! I'm loving the results! Bouncy, defined curls and waves. Plus my hair is shiny and so so soft (I think that's from the mist). Big bonus: I walked out of the house into a really wet snow this morning, soaked my hair a little before caving in and putting a heavy hood on. 10 minutes later, my hair was not flattened or frizzy at all.

Ok, sorry I wrote a mini novel here... I'm just excited! If my hair lasts through the day, I'll update with a pic later!