I think it's funny reading posts from people saying "I used this shampoo/conditioner/styling product for years and loved it but I can't use it anymore because it's not CG."

I think a lot of us drank the CG Kool-Aid and refuse to entertain any differing viewpoints. If you tried products with silicones and sulfates and found that they were terrible for your hair--and I'm impressed that anyone can pinpoint certain ingredients as troublemakers considering how variable curly hair can be based on the weather or whatever--then avoid those.

But I feel like Lorraine Massey's book, and this site, should come with a warning label: "Never underestimate the power of suggestion."
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Great post, I agree with all of this. I will say that I'm really glad I came here and learned about being CG - there's so much I didn't know about protein/moisture, styling techniques, cutting techniques, treatments, etc. and I think thats why my hair was so crummy before - I was piling on silicones without doing regular DT's to get moisture in, using terry cloth towels, getting traditional straight cuts, flat-ironing, and so on. But now that I have so much more information, I feel like I can now use products that have silicones without worrying about damage because I know how to counteract it.

I would not say that being full CG *doesn't* work for me, per se, but if I can get better results being modified CG, or not CG at all, I'm maybe not so afraid to try other stuff anymore.
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