His sister is hell on wheels, but thats why I love her. She is offended by his existence and sometimes mine. She stomps around, huffs and puffs, growls, hisses, screeches... All that good stuff. If I give her the wrong food or stop petting her too soon, she lets me know about it. When she is really mad she threatens to slap me. That doesn't go over well. Lol. She is a fuzzy toddler.
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AH! My sister-in-law's cat, Echo, will smack you if you offend her (usually by picking her up). She won't use claws, but she'll give you that "I'm gonna smack you!" look, and if you don't comply to her wishes, she'll reach up one of her paws and slap your cheek.

It's hilarious.

I've pissed her off on purpose because it amuses me to get smacked by a cat.