When I was using this, it was great. Not a lot of buildup too fast, moisture was awesome. Only reason I stopped using it is because I wanted to stop shampooing.
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How is no shampoo going for you Meera? I did that for the first few months but I couldn't make it. I alternate co-wash with low 'poo with an occasional clarifying wash if I want to straighten. Compared to when you used Hello Hydration, is your hair healthier now?

I didn't find that it was that great for detangling either, I had to use tons of conditioner.
I just don't understand why they call it hello hydration because it didn't leave my hair any more moisturized after using it
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I find that it doesn't help me detangle either. I tried it once as a rinse out and that wasn't fun. I lost some big chunks of hair
I'm using Yes to Carrots and SM smoothie as rinse outs right now and the smoothie is amazing for detangling, at least for me.

I love HEHH, i use it as my daily leave in and do not have a lot of quick build up. I always repurchase it:-). My cone free alternative is Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner.
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Yes!! This is exactly how I have been using it, as a leave-in under my gel and I scrunch in a pea every day til whenever I decide to wash again. Do you find that you need to shampoo at all? How quickly does it cause build up? I have been using it a little over a week now, I use a small amount, and all my other products are 'cone free.

I just used my first cone in about 2 years this week, myself! So far decent results, but I'm going to keep experimenting.

I went with a-cone, too. It is chemically made up so it will only leave 1 layer of itself, and it targets damaged areas. So a-cone itself won't cause any build-up. (It still must be removed with a surficant, of course, but most low-poos should do fine.)

I can definitely tell it's in there, tho.

I have thought about trying HH, so I'll be following this thread, for sure!

My concern is will moisture be able to get into my hair shaft ok with this cone?

Of course if I poo it off, moisturize and then apply it like a LI (as you did), there shouldn't be a problem, right? Sort of using the cone as an added sealer? Or is rinsing it out better? Idk! Lol!!
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Jas, it is quite interesting that so many of us have started exploring 'cones again! I think the one in HH is bis-aminopropyl dimethicone, but that is what my specific bottle says. Online, the ingredients are all over the place. It is supposed to not build up, and to be attracted to the more damaged areas similar to amodimethicone.

I am also wondering about removing it, because I believe that the low 'poo I have (SM Moisture Retention) may not be able to get it out. I have been thinking of it as a sealer, just like you said. Removing 'cone, then moisturizing, then reapplying 'cone to seal in the moisture made sense to me
I am just not sure that I am removing it. Or that I need to remove it.

So far, my results have been amazing. My hair looks defined even without the 'cone but I get to wet my hair less often when I use it because the results last longer. This makes it worth it to me, even at the risk of a little dryness. Plus, it is SO cheap. I use all drugstore products and this was been one of the cheapest ones that actually worked for me.

Hopefully more users will chime in