This is me:

Oh, that's cute. *puts in watch list*

*checks it again* But the straps look fussy. But that color sure is cute.

And it's $40 so I could take that $40 and put it toward one that I really love instead of one that I sorta like.

But I can't find one I really like.

Oh, that's cute too. *puts in watch list even though it's $80*

*checks it again* Gosh, it's cute but it's $80 and boy it's hard to spend that much on a purse.

Starts search over. Spends 2 hours with eyes glazed over clicking page after page.


I did just make an offer on a pair of jeans though, so I really can commit to something. Just not a purse, it seems.

Fusspotism describes me in so many situations.

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