Well, my first try with a-cone has been ok. It may be bc I air dried, and I usually diffuse, at least 50%, but my hair for pretty frizzy and flyaway. Almost OC'd. But again, this could all be from the air drying. I'm going to give it another shot.

Shine was great, hair looked healthier on the ends. Seems a little dry, but I'm not blaming the cone for that just yet.
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Jas, I'm excited about your experiment. I used Wen for five years as my conditioner/cleanser before I went CG and it has the a-cone. I loved it and up until that point was the only thing I'd ever found that it made it possible for me to detangle. I used in in conjunction with other cones when I styled my hair straight so I think I had a lot of buildup but wasn't realizing it because my hair is so thick and dense it was difficult to tell. The cones were probably protecting my hair from all the heat anyways. There was a period when I was trying just Wen by itself and using it as my leave in and styler. I'd say you could go months upon months before needing to clarify with just amothedicone alone. Keep us posted.
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