I've tried the gel too, it was okay, I didn't find it any worse than the Eco styler when it comes to hold.
I have a few of their other products and I think the line is very hit and miss. I have a few leave in products and a frizz control humidity cream my sister got me and they are okay...but they are sitting in my beauty closet not being used.
I really like the smell of most of their products and I do think they have improved substantially over the years, I remember trying their products years ago and thinking they were the worst most drying products I had ever used, now some of their stuff isn't too bad.
I think I don't use the products that I have because I have so many better products that work for my hair.
I use to use the triple nutrition spray all the time I have like 4 bottles being unsed right now...(don't judge me they went on sale and I went a bit crazy lol) I also found that the triple nutrition spray in the States is different than the one we have here in Canada, ours is less oil and water looking and more thick and milky which I prefer.
I doubt I will buy anything more from this line there, are better things out there.