+1 to Ericachristina. I could never fit all dat hair in the sink. I tried rinsing upside down once in the shower but my hair got way too tangled. It's just a hot mess. Nobody's fault but its own. Ignore it please.

& try rinsing upside down if it's worked for others! But if not, just do what works for you. I also get very annoyed when I try something that's tried and true for others but fails me. But ah well. You've got to do what works for you.
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Ha, ha... that's my thing - I get mad when it works for so many but not for ME!!!! I hate going upside down in the shower getting water in my ears and eyes etc.... I"m weird but I can't stand that feeling upside down.
I have shorter hair so I can do the sink but I can see how you long hairs can't with all that hair

Natural hair color - dark brunette
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