I've been having a lot of trouble with my highly porous frizzy hair. It seems like no matter what products I use my hair still ends up being a frizzy mess. i was wondering if using hair wax would help? Can you guys also tell me some of your daily routines. I do do protein treatments and most of my products contain protein but my hair still gets crazy frizzy, only around the top of my head though, the ends of my hair is fine. Thanks in advance

A hair wax may help the symptoms, but not solve the problem of frizz in those areas. You may need to clarify first, then do a PT/DC. Sometimes I combine the two sometimes so I don't have to do two steps. Make sure that the products don't have silicones in them. Also doing a pre-poo treatment can help, as well as an ACV.

My routine vary per season. For winter, my routine is this:
1. Cowash 3x/month and low-poo once a month.
2. PT twice a month; DC twice a month.
3. Clarify once every six weeks.
4. Use a soft hold gel/cream.
5. Sleep with a satin bonnet.
6. Moisturize hair w/spritz as needed, especially at night.
Mod CG-Naturally Highly Porous and Dry
This list is not exhaustive...
CoWash: various
DT: various

CR L/I Collection, various

Stylers:MC Leave-in, Gorilla Snot

Spritz/Sealant:Nu-Gro spray w/moisturizer
*experimenting and loving it!