I am new to this forum and site but had a question about recommended products for 2c gals with very fine hair. (low porosity for me) I have baby fine hair and got a Deva style cut about a week ago. I also have a very sensitive scalp.

Bought the shampoo (low-poo) and love it but also bought the B-leave in styler and am finding a few challenges. I don't have the 1hr. needed to let my root clipped and B-leaved hair dry naturally as per my tutuorial at the salon. Am following all steps; product in while hair wet, scrunch to take moisture out with my microfibre gloves, pinning at scalp for lift.(after a diffused root and overall quick dry for setting) Finding the B-leave is letting me down a bit on the hold and frizz fighting.

Any alternative products that can be suggested are appreciated for :
curl definition
frizz fighting (only goes away when air dried)
volume and hold

Products used:
Deva low-poo shampoo (every other day)(previously used Recoil curl shampoo)
Arctic Sun hypoallergenic conditioner
Deva B'leave in (previously AG Details cream)
Used to add a spritz with homemade sea salt spray the odd day.

I shampoo every other day but each day wet and condition as my hair is so fine it holds no curl overnight.

First photo is my hair using LowPoo & B'Leave and air drying , second is just using AG Details and no Deva Curl products & diffuser used to dry hair)

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Applying product upside/a bit of diffusing upside down helps with volume. My hair is on the thin side of medium density, so check out my sig below for product recs. Please keep in mind, my porosity differs from yours, but its worth a shot!

3B, Fine, Med D, Norm P&E
LowP: Kinky Curly Come Clean (50% EVOO)
NoP: As I Am CC
RO: Suave Tropical Coconut/VO5 Shea Cashmere
3B, Fine, Normal P, Normal E, Low-Med D
LowP: Kinky Curly Come Clean (50% EVOO)
NoP: As I Am CC
RO: Suave Coconut, VO5 Shea Cashmere
LI: KCKT or CJBCLI or HETT/HENOYF (w/ 8 drops GSO)

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