I posted a link that explains that low poos like SM (I use that!) should actually remove cones.

I think I posted it in this thread??

Anyhow, I just started back down this coney road, so time will tell for me, I guess!
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I think it may have been Myrna's thread, but I recall reading the list as well. I am fairly certain that SM 'poo won't get the HH 'cone out, but I have a 'poo with cocaminopropyl betaine that should do the trick if and only if I feel that it's building up. I'm going to give it a month or so before I decide to keep using 'cones. Like you said, time will tell!

I shampoo once a month but that is by choice, I wouldn't say I need to but I do in case I use a lot of gel. I would also say I get light buildup in about a month, then again I am heavy handed when it comes to product application although I will say when I use Tresemme I shampooed once every 2 months.
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I am heavy handed with my gel too, gobs and gobs of it. Can't. Live. Without. Gel. I have stacks of bottles stashed under my bathroom sink. A hurricane could hit, but my hair will be alright lol. I'll probably start to clarify now that I'm using a 'cone. But I get soo lazy do do the PT and DT afterwards

Why does the cone give several days of hair (between washing)? Is it better hold or better at retaining moisture?

I don't see much of a difference using cones or not so I am curious as to the specific benefits other curliest see?
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Tricello, i am not sure exactly what the 'cone is doing. I think it is acting as a sealant like Jas suggested. I don't get better hold, I need serious gel for hold but somehow the HH keeps my clumps from breaking apart. I can handle the curls, sleep on them, go out in the wind, go dancing and work out and they hold up perfectly. Probably because its coating my hair to keep humidity out. Or, it is coating my hair to keep moisture in. I use very little, about a quarter size amount on almost waist length hair.
But whatever it is, I am ecstatic