Marci, about how much do you use for DT? I mixed 3 tbsp with 2 tbsp of olive oil and left it in the other night and it seemed like my hair took to it. I'm still trying to figure my hair out. According to my hair analysis results, my coarse texture shouldn't like protein, and yet I have indications of damage (from years of wearing it straight perhaps? ? ?) like high porosity and low elasticity that suggest my hair might need a little protein. And silk protein doesn't seem like a heavy duty protein based on what I've researched. I thought the smoothie was too thick for a rinse out but I'll try it now that you say it works. It does make a good restyler for me. I spray my hair damp perhaps on three day hair and add a little to areas that have gone wonky while I've slept. I really like the smell and it makes me hungry for fruit, but at the same time I prefer more adult smells. More floral or clean, less tropical. I'm still not sure I'll repurchase it (although I'm sure that's a long time away) because I prefer kinky curly custard, but the SM Smoothie does do a lot for curl formation just on its own, wet or damp. I like to put it on my extra dry hair towards the back and sides and it brings it back to life!
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I tend to use about the same, a few tablespoons but I never added oil. Actually no, when I started out CG I smooshed in Smoothie, oil, gel and all kinds of stuff in my hair all at the same time. Not good! lol. I have since figured out what works, but I never got a hair analysis. I think it could just be a useful guideline rather strict rules. If the protein product seems to help, I say go for it. My hair loves protein, and is generally ok with most other "problem" ingredients. Glycerin is my enemy though, and too much aloe makes my hair tangled and brittle. Also takes forever to dry!!
So the Smoothie as a rinse out when co-washing with something else that is lighter. It would be WAY too much moisture on its own. I also love the smell!!
I am not sure that I'll repurchase it either, especially since Jas put the bug in my ear about the Milk. I don't *need* the Smoothie as a rinse out, that is just how I ended up using it because it was there. So if you have it, I say give it a try