No, not BAQ henna just the regular Jamila henna powder and i mix it with tea the day before i plan to do my hair. Left it on for about 3 hours each time. No grey hairs or anything and the packaging and sources online only say it is 100% henna powder. I don't plan to use it again for at the least a month maybe longer, but I was just surprised that it got to this color so quickly because i wasn't expecting it, especially after reading several henna blogs.
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Mixing henna powder with acidic liquid will give a oranger stain than mix with plain water.
Try to use only water in you mixes (instead of vinegar, tea, lemon juice) and let us know how will be the stain .
How long have you been hennaing your hair?
Consider that for the first 4/5 applications, hair will have mainly copper tones, then going on with applications the color will became less copper and more mahogany.
After 2 year of henna applications, my virgin dark blonde hair went from a copper blonde color to an auburn brown (in the sunlight)/light mahogany (under cool lights).