I used to get asked all the time when my ancestry is. The question would be phrased anywhere from "what are you?" , "what nationality are you?", "where are you from". Most of this occurred while in college in the Midwest. But I still occasionally get asked. The strangest one was just out of the blue this guy asked me "are you Turkish?" I answered no, why? It turns out he was half Caucasian and half Arab and thought I looked it too. What a way to start a conversation though! He went on to jokingly say that I'd make a good spy because I could pass as so many things.

When I was younger, and was asked these questions, I would like to play with the person and ask them what they thought I was. I've been thought to be Spanish, Italian, Brazilian, Mexican, Armenian, Turkish, Iranian, Greek, Sicilian, etc. the funny thing is, no one would ever guess the truth. At least not until I was older. Now every once and a while I get asked if I am Portuguese. Which is actually what is prominent in my olive complexion and features. But I am a mix of that plus Irish, Swedish, and English.

3A/B? A corkicelli mix of ringlets, spirals, helixes & s-shaped curls
Medium-fine texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity

Summer: pink; Winter: Blue; Year Round: green
Lo-Poo:Giovanni SAS sulfate free poo, L'Oreal Evercream CC
Co-wash: TNRV, VO5 Vanilla Mint Tea, TNNM
YTC, Nexxus Hydra-light w/ CNPF GVPCB, Biolage CB, TNNM, Giovanni SAS