looking through this thread I can say that CG really does work wonders. Beautiful hair Ladies!

My hair used to be cherub-like curly when I was a small child, then started getting thicker and darker and went almost straight. And I was considered a straight-haired girl by everyone in the family (half of family with straight hair and half with 3bish strong curl). I really wanted curly hair and wished mine started getting curly like my cousin's hair when she hit puberty but no... My hair was only unruly/crooked and I always needed a good haircut and a blowdryer with a brush (or the 2in1). Then one day at work a friend said that my hair looked neither straight nor curly (and it was on a day that I did straighten my hair, but it was heavily layered and took on its own life ) and I figured I could try to make it wavy and got very surprised after the next wash of course I did everything wrong, blowdried and didn't use heat protectant + used a styler with alcohol in it so my hair was candyfloss-like but I still quite enjoyed waves.
Then I decided to go blonde... not a good idea, my hair turned into a terrible mess, I went back to having it straight.
At some point got tired of the damage started looking for ways to make it healthier and came across CG info. I've been modified CG for about 1.5 years now and can definitely say it (plus going back to a shade close to my natural haircolor) did save my hair.
Currently my hair usually looks like in the one before last photo (I usually SOTC after sleeping with crunchy hair), last photo is a recent blast of curliness (SOTC after styling the same day), wonder i fit was a one-timer

Uploaded are:
my pre CG photos (1 and 2),
after a few months and change of colour (3),
after henna (4)
and after a recent wash (5)

More photos:
1st photo pre-CG, styled with an alcohol-packed gum (sorry for the poooor photo quality)
2nd photo blonde pre-CG without any styling after sleeping with damp hair
3rd photo blonde slightly scrunched
4rd photo first CG trial (shampoo free wash)
5th photo first time diffusing
6th photo after a haircut, airdried
7th photo after haircolor change
8th photo growing out haircolor
9th photo still growing out natural haircolor
10th photo heannaed
11th photo layered ends
12th the curliest it gets
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