Okay, before we start assuming 30v will destroy her hair, more info on the condition of her hair, her starting color, and maybe a pic the red she is trying to achieve. She may not need a 30v, but let's not Wtf the woman.

I'm planning to color my hair red in the very near future. I've been recommended to use L'Oreal HiColor in red, as it is a hi-lift color that can give a vibrant red to dark hair.

I haven't colored my hair in about a year and a half, and I'm starting to see some grey! EEEEK!

Any tips on pre- and post-coloring treatments to minimize damage to my hair?? I'm told I should use a 30-40 volume developer to acheive the color I am looking for.

I appreciate any advice!
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You are definitely going to destroy your hair with a 30volume developer.
What color are your hair?
You can use henna and indigo to cover you grey hair
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