RCC-Your hair is gorgeous! What products are you using?

I want my curls to be smooth & shiny like yours are. (some cheese to go with my whine?) I seem to end up with fuzz- not frizz really, just lots of space in each clump if that makes sense. Maybe it's something you're using that I can recreate on myself!!
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For condtioners, I rotate between Steiner Thirst Quenching and Nature's Gate Hemp Oil. Both are protein free (which I need). I like the Steiner, but it is pricey, and for some reason, the isopropyl myristate (sp?) can dry me out if I overuse it. I think that jaemaria said that that ingredient did the same thing to her? Odd as it is a fatty alchohol that should be good. But, I love the slip and detangling of the behentrimonium that is in the Steiner and not the NG.

I also use coconut oil or jojoba oil if I need it at night.

I love the Steiner DT. It also has that myristate, but the other stuff covers it up and super conditions for me.

If I could handle regular protein, I would absolutely use EMBC. I loved that stuff and it moisturizes so well. Same for the Curl Junkie Banana leave ins. The CJ may be protein free - I can't remember, but it is high in glycerin which fades my color. Reds fade easily.

For stylers, I like Pink Boots, re:coil, and LOOB. I like Boots on the bottom with one of the other two layered on top. My hair runs dry and the Boots seems to help since the re:coil and LOOB seem a tad bit drying even if I use a leave in.

The stylers help with clumping. But, if I really want clumping, I have to work at keeping my hair well conditioned. I'm a drier, coarser curly, so I don't know how these recs would work from someone with finer hair, or someone who gets weighed down.

I also have better luck with diffusing dry than with air drying. My roots stay so damp with air drying that my curls sort of stay flatter and fuzzier.

ETA: PS, you have awesome clumps in the pic with TooShea and Angell. I never could get Angell to work for me. I felt sticky and looked fuzzy. It looks pretty good one you though!
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.