thanks for the detailed review! i just have a few comments on it.

I didn't use gloves because I never did with my other treatment, but the hand I used to help spread out the treatment with got very dry for a few days. Not too uncomfortable but just a little weird.

this wasnt such a good idea and i would not recommend anyone to use a formaldehyde containing treatment without gloves. formaldehyde can be easily absorbed by the skin which is why it is usually advised not to get the treatments on the hands or scalp.

this treatment sound like it might be good for someone who is looking for a budget friendly keratin solution but the insistence of flat ironing at 450 really turned me off. Also you mentioned about how strong the solution worked in your hair. For someone like me who just wants a little bit of loosening and increased manageability this may not be the best choice. it sounds great for those who want dramatic results.

keep us updated on if your hair reverts back to curly.

the owner seems like a nice lady and i wish her the best.
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About the glove thing- that's why I posted about it, to confirm that if you're going to try this product it's best to use gloves. The directions recommend it but it's not absolutely necessary as it can be more difficult to apply with gloves. My hand was just dry for a bit, nothing serious happened. I'm still alive.

I would say the reason they insist, or suggest to flat iron at 450 is to get the full potential out of the product. If they didn't make that clear, people would be complaining to them that it didn't work. If you have very resistant or virgin hair it's probably necessary to use such a high temp. However, if you know what you're doing or what works for your hair type you can easy do a few things to retain more curl. For one, skip all of the blow drying. Apply it to air dried curly hair, and just let it dry before applying the flat iron. Then, use a lower temp and maybe less strokes with the flat iron. My stylist suggested that regime to me as she uses keratin but does it in a way that she still has curly hair.

I followed the directions to test the full potential of the product. Although I'm happy with my results, I'm looking forward to my next application where I may experiment with a lower temp to keep some waves in my hair. It's still totally straight right now so I'll update in a few weeks if my curls start to come back.