Just meet people in person normally for your own good people please.
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It's a pretty big assumption on your part what's good for people and what isn't. Many people meet future SOs and spouses online these days and are quite happier for it.
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i live in a very big city and the guy i'm seeing now (who i'm totally feeling) and the previous i met online. i probably wouldn't have run into either in my daily life and i'm out and about. both (and me too) were not in the club/bar/happy hour scene. they both lived in differnet neighborhoods, current guy much further than last guy so i wouldn't bump into them in the coffee shop, grocery store or anything. they both work out like me but at completely different gyms. both work in different industries than me so no meeting at work or through work events. both are not originally from my city, last guy had only been here a couple of years when we met and the other has been here around 15+ years so neither has deep roots here and a chance i'd meet them through family members. both go to church again like me but different churches.

for me the biggest positive of "online" is meeting someone right in your "backyard" that you might not have otherwise met. i insist on meeting in person soon if they don't bring it up first and if they are unwilling or unable or whatever i usually cut off all communication about 3 weeks in, that's plenty of time to meet someone in your own city.

btw, i met a guy in a club right around thanksgiving a few years ago. dude lied about his marital status (he was clearly separated but not legally divorced which i asked from the very beginning). he was my one experience with a narcissist and it was t.e.r.r.i.b.l.e.!!! so meeting in person doesn't mean greater compatibility at all. online opens your options but you still need to use good sense.
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