--thought some more experienced folks might know.

My hair gets wet and dries quickly (though this has improved some since starting CG), like, less than an hour from dripping wet to bone dry.

It sinks quickly as well, though I've read that's not so useful a test.

But thing is, I can't really tell in running my fingers up and down if there's a difference, because my hair is so baby fine. It does "squeak" when I run my fingers up the shaft. Is that an indicator? Or just that it's squeaky clean?

Any thoughts?
Originally Posted by bird19
Oh good god who knows? I thought my hair was medium porosity because it slid up the shaft easily with only a few bumps. Granted there were a few hairs towards the back that were bumpier. . . They were also thicker and coarser and darker in pigmentation, but then a lot of people with coarse hair also have low porosity so there's no correlation there. Everyone says the water glass test is not too reliable so don't think on it too much, but it did sink so maybe add that to the HP column. I actually sent my hair in for a hair analysis on livecurlylivefree.com. I was expecting everything to come back normal: normal porosity, normal elasticity and medium texture because my hair looks so healthy. I got high, low, and coarse! My hair also gets wet right away and dries in less than two hours even though it's long. I'm wondering if it's just porous naturally or if I made it worse with straightening it for so many years. I was gentle when I straightened it, but then I didn't always use a heat protectant.
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