Its going pretty good actually. I do think I'm going to have to do some clarifying, but with a sulfate free shampoo. Maybe Shea Moistures (BOGO half off at target right now btw.) My hair is actually a lot better, can hold more moisture for longer, and I can moisturize my hair as much as I need to without having to wash it. I like it a lot better, but I wont say it was only because of the cones, mostly the sulfates. If I could effectively wash out cones without a harsh cleanser, I probably would have continued to use it. How is your hair holding up? Maybe Ill do what you mentioned about the low poo, what do you use?
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I use the SM 'poo, too bad my Target doesn't carry it. I am so cheap, it is the most expensive product I have lol. BOGO would be off the chain. I think it's mild enough to be a low 'poo but I am not sure. I also think the sulfates were the culprit with my hair. I do use PEG modified 'cones, which are supposed to be water soluble. Perhaps those would agree with your routine? I also use L'oreal EverSleek Cleansing conditioner as a low 'poo. That stuff smells so yummy, and feels "cleaner" than straight co-washing everyday. IDK, but that never worked for me. No matter how much I scrubbed, gunky scalp the next day. But SM and the EverSleek are super gentle and now I alternate between those two and co-washing with YTC. I am much happier with my scalp using these, my hair looks pretty much the same either way. 100x better than when I used sulfates thou. How long have you been shampoo free?