I am so unimpressed with those UD OZ palettes...the colors just look so...ugh.

However, I will be all over the NARS spring collection...especially that new blush seduction. It looks really close to one of my favorite NARS blushes mounia that was discontinued. Mine grew feet and walked away somehow and I REFUSE to pay evil-bay prices for it.
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I kinda like the Theodora one! But when you think of what could have been considering this is freaking OZ they're so disappointing.
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I do think that they're a deal for 50 dollars (18 dollars an eye shadow pot separately plus the containers you can switch out are like 30), but wtf seriously, BROWNS, NEUTRALS THO??

there's like 3 naked palettes did UD really need to put some more brown and beige and tan eyeshadow in something.