I'm considering getting a steamer and I would love to hear how you ladies use yours. I've seen some videos of the Q-Redew and I'm wondering if I should get this or a different steamer. Or should get a steamer at all?! Does anyone have any recommendations for uses and/or brands?
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I bought the home steamer @ LCL Beauty.com
Pros: it gets the job done
*steam hair&face in one session
Cons: its big and take up space

I spitz my hair with product of choice depending on what im doing the next day. Hot treatment if wash day is the next and pure aloe vera juice if its just for moister.
I seat under with henna and when i do DT ...Its AWESOME!

The small portable ones have reviews for breaking easily i knew i wanted a hair steamer since i began my journey. Didnt buy mine until last year (investment) and i made sure i purchased a good quality one. It all depends on your budget and what you want. HTH

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My hair LOVES oil

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