Hey *M!x*Ch!ck*,

I live in the DMV area too. I know what you mean with the stylists in this area going overboard with cutting hair(sometimes). What services are you looking for in a stylist and salon?. One of my favorite salon to go to was salon revive in DC for cut, color, blowout, condish treatments, steam treatments. The only stylist go to there is Hewitt. She tells you what is best for your hair and hair type. She cares about the health of your hair. When its time to wash she finger detangles(some of the shampoo assistants in their do not do that).... I've had experiences when ppl try to use comb or brushes to finger detangles and most importantly she doesn't hack your hair off....(like a lot of stylists which I hate). The nice place is super clean and you do not spend hours and hours in their salon. A typically visit for me was like 40 mins-55 mins. They work with all types of hair.

1938 9th St NW Washington, DC 20001‎
(202) 232-1008