To be honest if I flat ironed it I might be 3-4 inches away in the back but I dont blow dry or straighten ( too much work and Im lazy).

I've been there before prior to being natural but I dont have the patience to baby my hair. It really requires me to be gentle and protective style. " I own have all that time"
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I know how you feel...
I am already getting tired now. I only use my fingers to detangle and it takes me forever to detangle. On top of that I have just realized that if I want to make sure it stays detangled I have to do it twice a week, which means taking it down, from the protective style (since bunning on unstretched hair has been causing extra tangles lately) to detangle, then putting it back in twists. It cant stay like this, I work and go to school. The braid shop is looking good right about now.

ETA: I can't go back there though, those styles are murder on my hair.


You never stop learning...

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